If your like many cat owners you might be confused about your cats behavier and how to change it...

Litter Box Training

Cats are not born knowing how to use a litter box and will need you to help train them. When your cat begins nosing around in the corners of your home or squatting, put her in the litter box. Gently scratch her front paws in the cat box filler, so she realizes this is the place to deposit and cover waste. Should your cat have an accident, wipe it up with a paper towel, and place the towel in the litter box. Then place her in the litter box and scratch her front paws in the cat box filler to reinforce the idea that this is where the waste belongs. Do not punish your cat for having an accident. This won't help her to learn to use the litter box, it will only teach her not to eliminate in front of you.

When your cat begins to get the idea, don't take her good behavior for granted. Continue to praise her for using the litter box.

Litter Box Behavior

If their behavior changes check the litter! More then likely its the dirty litter that their staying away from. Simply change the litter and see what happens. Also make sure if u got any new pets they might now want to share the same litter box. This is subject to change once they get along.

Litter Box Basics

Cats are fastidious and can be very fussy about their litter box, its cleanliness, location and the type of litter used. So be sure to keep your litter box as clean and comfortable as possible for your cat.

Toilet Training Your Cat

If you feel up to it(and your cat) for this i highly recommend this Toilet training E-book that has changed the way I clean the litter... Because i dont anymore. There is so many advantages of having your cat toilet trained, try it and you'll love it.